Victoire de Samothrace



Sculpture based on a model made by Yves Klein in 1962 in IKB blue painted plaster 

The base is made from a stone found in his mother's garden. 

175 copies numbered from "1/175" to "175/175". 

25 copies numbered from "HC I/XXV" to "HC XXV/XXV". 

25 resin copies numbered from "EA I/XXV" to "EA XXV/XXV". 

3 resin copies specially designed and sealed into the walls of the Opéra Bastille in Paris. 

Publication date: 1973

Height: 52 cm

It was on this island in the Aegean Sea that this sculpture, the original of which is in the Louvre, was discovered in 1863. 

Yves Klein modified the attitude by cutting the drape at knee level, then mounting the sculpture on a stone using a metal rod.