L’esclave mourant, d’après Michel-Ange



Created in 1962, this work was executed in 1992.
Sculpture in blue IKB resin in Plexiglas, signed by Rotraut Klein Moquay and numbered at the base on a label.
300 copies numbered "1/300" to "300/300".
50 copies numbered "HCI/L" to "HC L/L".

Height: 46 cm

Dimensions with Plexiglas case: 67 x 32 x 25 cm

- Yves Klein, Catalogue des Éditions et des sculptures éditées, Jean-Paul Ledeur, Editions Guy Pieters, 1999, work reproduced under number S20 on page 248.
- Yves Klein, Paul Wember, Verlay M. Dumont, Cologne 1969, artwork reproduced on page 98

Michelangelo sculpted this work of art between 1513 and 1515 for the tomb of Pope Julius II. This pathetic, grandiose figure was a natural fit for Yves Klein, and would become the artist's ultimate achievement through the appropriation of antique and museum pieces.